About us

Québec has an abundance of metals. Its mineral resources are among the richest and most diverse in the world. This is our source of wealth and pride. Québec’s mineral industry supports more than 52,000 jobs directly and indirectly. he fork you eat with. The cellphone in your pocket. The computer that you can’t live without. The airplane that flew you to Cuba. In your everyday life, metals are everywhere. They are a must.
Inform and engage with the general public to increase awareness of the mining industry and its contribution to the sustainable development of Québec.

The MinesQC.com initiative

MinesQC.com is a public web space of questions, answers, information and conversations around the mining industry in Quebec. It is a first not only in Quebec, but also in North America. Every citizen who has an interest or who is interested in the mining process, from exploration to restoration, or who has a point of view on the social, environmental and economic aspects surrounding the Quebec mining industry, is invited to speak and read on this online platform. Questions and comments are forwarded to industry representatives, researchers and independent experts to provide Quebec citizens with documented and transparent responses .

We hope that this space of free, factual and transparent information and conversation will become the place of reference for all citizens wishing to learn about the Quebec mineral sector.