In Quebec, the mineral industry sector is booming. It is constantly making new breakthroughs on all fronts. To better meet demand, several of our universities offer various programs related to the mineral industry. Today, they have about twenty chairs. There are also six research consortia, including the Consortium for Exploration for Mineral Exploration (CONSOREM), the Mineral Research Consortium (COREM), Diversification of Mineral Exploration in Quebec (DIVEX), and the Mining Research and Development Corporation (SOREDEM).

Led by universities and industry, with the support of government agencies, several projects have produced very interesting results, including the establishment of:

  • of explosive rock breaking techniques;
  • water decontamination processes;
  • of a process of chemical dissolution of gold.

In addition, a regional innovation system in Quebec integrating private and public efforts contributes to:

  • technological breakthroughs in areas such as hydrogen underground vehicles, mining platforms, and cost-and environmentally-friendly chemical break-up or leaching technologies;
  • of commercial breakthroughs, attesting to the rise in OEM exports (annual growth rate of 14% of the value of exports since 2000).

Over the years, our know-how in the mining sector has gained an excellent reputation worldwide and the largest mining companies are now seeking Québec expertise and its best representatives to manage their operations. For those looking to make a career in this sector, there are many opportunities.