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If you're planning a vacation to an international destination that sees you leaving behind the comforts you've been accustomed to, you better make sure that you are properly packed for your stay abroad.

You've probably heard the horror stories of travelers who have gone overseas only to forget to pack a crucial item in their suitcase such as prescription medications or important documents that would help keep track of their cell phone in case they lost it. If you don't want to tell your own horror travel story when you get back to your home then you need to double check your baggage situation before making your way to the airport.

One essential travel item that many travelers tend to overlook when packing their bags that's a must, especially in such a technologically dominated world, is the travel plug or adapter. You're more than likely going to be traveling with at least one electronic device, be it your cell phone, electric shaver, laptop, or tablet. You wouldn't want to find yourself in a situation where you need to update your work planning only to find that your laptop's battery died and the electrical outlet won't take your laptop battery plug.

That's not a good situation to be in and the only way to avoid having that happen to you is to purchase the right travel plugs or adapters that will work in the electrical outlet of the country you'll be traveling to and staying in. Each country has their own electrical system, which means that you might not be able to use any of the outlets you have access to. In order to ensure such a situation doesn't occur is to research the electrical outlet situation of where you're traveling to and then going to your local electronics dealer to purchase the correct travel plug or adapter accessory.

Whether you are alone or going as a group and are staying in Australia, Italy or Germany you're more than likely going to need a travel plug if you plan on using your electric shaver, laptop or smart phone. So make sure you purchase one well in advance of your trip or else you're going to have to spend part of your trip searching for one or going without your electric device; two unappealing options.

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